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We had a bag and we but all the liquid ingredients in the bag and we but in the flavour then we zipped up the plastic bag and we had a big plastic bag and we put ice in it and then we had to shake it up until it was done. My favourite was backed beans and my less favourite was the seaweed one.

Plum 5 honey 5 pineapple 5 mar mite 5 seaweed 3 honey puffs 5 oats 5 baked beans 5

Sunday, 11 March 2018


In the Deep dark forest there was a little girl and a which.
The witch cursed  a spell on the land to make it look ugly. The little girl did not like her land so she moved to hawi .
She thought it was the best place to go but it wasn't because there was a witch there so she moved to greymouth where there was no witch  She asked her mum if she could go to the beach her mum said yes so they played meatball until it was time for bed.

Friday, 2 March 2018

goldie lockes and the three bears

Once there was a little girl called Goldie
Who had three favourite teddy bears.
Daddy Ted was chunky and tough yet she didn’t stand any nonsense. Tenny ted meanwhile was very naughty. He never sat still and was always falling over. Goldie loved to act out her favourite fairy tale with her three trusty teddies. At breakfast she shared her porridge. TOO HOT FOR ME she pretended offering her spoon to Daddy ted. TOO COLD she said next pointing her spoon at mummy ted . JUUUUst right she said her spoon zooming towards teeny ted. Goldie shouted mum I’ve had enough of washing those poor bears.
But it is too late. After breakfast goldie sat on the sofa with daddy ted too big for me she said climbing down. She sat in the armchair with mummy ted. Still too big. She said tumbleming off. Just right she said next squeezing herself and tenny ted into a little wooden chair. Goldie yelled mum I’ve had enough of gluing that chair leg. But it was too late. At bedtime Goldie perched on the double bed with daddy ted. This mattress is to hard she said sliding off. Next she lay on the spare bed with mummy ted. Far too soft. She said jumping down juuuuuuuuuust right she said finally clambering into her baby brother’s cot. Goldie said mum I’ve had enough of you waking up your brother. But it was too late.
Next day the front door flew open I’ve had enough of you  playing indoors said mum.

Goldie stomped outside. There’s nothing to do out here she sulked. Just then Goldie spotted a mysterious path at the end of her garden. She skipped onto the path and followed it into a nearby wood.soon Goldie arrived at the doorstep of a cottage. How cute said goldie stepping inside. In the kitchen she found three bowls of steaming porridge. Wow said Goldie It’s just like in the story. In the living room she found three chairs of different sizes. They’re in the story too Goldie exclaimed. Next goldie scampered up the staircase. She found three beds in the bedroom everything is exactly as it is in the story. She said amazed. Suddenly a great big yawn ballooned from Goldie’s mouth. I’ll just have a little nap. She thought. So she took off her shoes and curled beneath the blankets of the smallest cosiest bed. Hello Goldilocks said baby bear. We wondered when you would come back. Goldie looked puzzled. You mean I’m the girl in the story. Of course said baby bear. Thanks for not breaking my chair this time. Will you stay for breakfast. Asked daddy bear We’ve just  picked some juicy blackberries to eat with our porridge. I’ve already had my breakfast. Said goldie sadly. How about brunch mummy bear smiled. Goldie and the three bears chatted happily as they went downstairs. They poured a fourth bowl of porridge and sat around the table. BURGHER! Spat Baby bear. It’s  cold squealed mummy bear snatching Goldie’s Bowl. Can we have pancakes? Asked baby bear. Wonderful idea said daddy bear Blackberry pancakes So he cleared away the bowls and fetched his frying pan.After her eleventh pancake Goldie decided she should probably get home for lunch. She thanked the bears then skipped back along the magical path. From then on Goldie told everyone to call her Goldilocks. She was the girl from the story after all. At breakfast she refused to feed her teddies porridge. Instead she asked for blackberry pancakes.

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